Apartments with sea view!

At the beginning of 2018, there will be three new apartment buildings on the slope of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
Large balconies, scenic views, neat neighbourhood!

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Vali maja:


Area m2
Balcony/ Terrace m2
Price incl VAT €

The sales price does not include storage space, which costs 2,000–4,500 euros, depending on its size.
Additionally, one can purchase a parking space in the yard (5,000 euros) or in an underground car park (8,000–10,000 euros).

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Mäe 2

Available: 5

Mäe 2a

Available: 3

Mäe 2b

Available: 10

Package "Standard 1"

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Package "Standard 2"

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Package "Ekstra"

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Janek Saveljev

Janek Saveljev Project Manager

Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ
(+372) 53 335 522

Anton Novikov

Anton Novikov Project Manager

Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ
(+372) 53 737 111

Elmar Liitmaa

Elmar Liitmaa Project Manager

Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ
(+372) 501 8948